Nina Mathia Simons


“Being a designer to me means to be able to analyse our living environment, and to see where we can make small differences that will have a positive influence on our feeling, and therefore our well being. The theme of well being includes many different topics, not being specialized in one particular one in my opinion helps to see the bigger picture, and therefore to see where qualities can be used outside their disciplines. This interdisciplinary character to me is one of the most important qualities of being a designer.  It means that one time you can end up making a documentary, another time a product, and yet another time an architectural plan for a new way of living. It should not be the field you are working in, but each research on a topic on its one, that requires the type of result you end up with. Working together with people who are specialized in different fields, will make it possible to work successfully outside your own. To me it is the way of thinking that matters the most.”



Date of birth: 11 October 1988

Place of birth: Maastricht, the Netherlands

Currently living in: Maastricht, the Netherlands


Completed studies

Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Department: Well Being (first module in the department Living)

Compass: Forum (Compass courses are there to teach you basic knowledge and skills, Forum places design and the design profession in a socio-cultural context)

Extra: Graduated with an 8 as average grade



Company: junya.ishigami + associates (a Tokyo based architectural company, winner of several awards including the Golden Lion of International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale 2010)

Period: from September 6th till November 28th of 2013

Extra: Evaluated with an 8 as average grade



– Stadsmaker at Maastricht Lab

– Selected for the accreditation exhibition of the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2012 by Ilse Crawford from Studio Ilse, with the project OfficeOverreactions

– Organisation endterm exhibition in 2012 and 2013

– Graduation show and Open Days: information desk, recruiting new students

– Extra credits earned by attending lectures, joining student debates, visiting exhibitions amongst which the Architecture Biennale Venice 2012


Former Studies

High school diploma: pre-university secondary education (in Dutch: VWO)
Completed in: 2007

Department High School: Culture and Society

Optional subjects High School: Philosophy and Cultural & Artistic Education



Nina Mathia Simons