A short film through a series of scale models  that helps to gain insight into pollen allergy.


Pollinosis (allergy to pollen) affects an estimated 20% of the people in Europe. In the next generation, up to 50% are expected to suffer from this allergy. Though many people are affected by this condition, only few of them know what alternatives there are to daily use of medication. “Pollinosis” is a short film that takes you through a series of 1:15 scale models. Each model provides you with a set of simple actions you can take, to gain more knowledge of your allergy, and to prevent the symptoms from increasing. The film can be shown in the doctor’s waiting room, on the website of Pollen News, or even on TV. Using the tips will prevent medicine use on days with a low pollen count, and helps to protect you on days when there are a lot of your allergens in the air.


Nina Mathia Simons