Skincare products as food for the skin; a Skin Menu for one week, made out of 100% edible ingredients and packaged in natural materials, freshly prepared and sold by the Skin Chef.


The Skin Chef firmly believes that since your skin can absorb ingredients, it is important this organ “eats” in a healthy manner. New is that you can benefit from the knowledge of a skincare expert, while enjoying the fresh quality, without having to do the preparation yourself. The packaging of each individual product adds a second function. The box that contains the Skin Menu can be refilled. The “skin” of the facial cream can be used as a lipbalm and body butter. The packaging of the facial scrub is soluble, the one of the facial mask edible, and the one of the cleanser bio-degradable. Since the entire product is used, there is no waste.




Nina Mathia Simons