MPLSS (Mortar, Pestle, Lid, Spoon, Spatula)vijzel4


A mortar and pestle especially designed for the preparation of mustard. The pestle is also the lid for the mortar, so you can soak the mustard seeds and keep the mustard in the mortar. You can use the back of the pestle as a spoon, but also as a spatula, to smear mustard. This set is a hidden recipe in itself; tilt the lid and fill mustard seeds till you hit the bottom of the pestle, grind them, and fill the liquid till the opening. Let it soak and ripe and you will have a very tasty homemade mustard.


1. As a lid
2. To measure the seeds
(fill till the bottom of the tilted pestle)
3. To grind the seeds
4. As a spoon / spatula


Project assignment
Find a client and produce something suited to him or her to use in the kitchen.


Product information
Scale: 1:1
Material: oak
Extra: the design of this project was based on the research results of the Portrait of Peculiarities













Nina Mathia Simons