I looked into the stories of the people that used to live in the neighbourhood Woensel in Eindhoven. Not only from now, right before demolishment, but also from the period right after the build in 1920. The workers who used to live there had an important connection to the White Lady, the building in which the Philips factory was housed. It was their workplace, where they spent most of their day. The Philips Electronic Engineer construction kit came out in 1963. A lot of these workers gave their sons this kit as a present, maybe to teach them the tricks of the business. I found pictures in archives of these times of a young boy discovering this kit. Tragically the White Lady was bombarded on the 6th of December in 1942. A lot of it was destroyed. To offer a memory to the White Lady as it was, with its workers and their lives, I made a model of the Philips Electronic Engineer kit, containing a little book with stories and pictures of that time.


But what would a kit for the current White Lady look like? After the war the building was renovated. It is now home to the Design Academy. After this building has gone through so much, it is now back to being a flourishing place. I made a new kit for the generation that is now in the building, so my fellow students and me can also teach our future children something about our field of expertise, in the same way the Philips workers used to do.










Project assignment

The neighbourhood Woensel in Eindhoven is soon going to be demolished. Imagine there is going to be a small museum to remember the neighbourhood an make something that can be placed in this museum.


Product information
Scale: 1:2
Picture 1: picture top of the box of original Philips Electronic Engineer
Picture 2: picture top of the box of Design Academy Apprentice
Materials: cardboard, paper



Nina Mathia Simons