This project started as a research into the work environment of teachers at Leeuwenborgh Maastricht. The first mock-up in this series shows the current situation, as I observed it. This space felt dull and grey, and the air was musty. In an office environment such as this, conditions are bad, because there is no money spent on improvement. The endless bustle and feeling of having a lack of time of the teachers working in this office, has resulted in a situation where even poor conditions have become part of habituation. I was assigned to do something with these research conclusions. Of course spending money was not an option, because there was none. That is why I decided to show overreactions of the current situation, to emphasize what kind of conditions are accepted by the teachers who are working here. I showed these extremes in a series of scale models. Each is a caricature, an exaggeration of a disturbance or a bizarre different extreme.

Dull greynessA baby’s officeThreatening  towers of workFramed bleakness


A baby’s office

Picture 2. Eliminating the grey and lifting up the colors hidden within it. Changing material qualities to there opposites.


Threatening towers of work
Picture 3. Exaggerating the threatening feeling this seemingly never ending stack of work gave me.


Framed bleakness

Picture 4. Exaggerating the fact that all the light entering the office is trapped in a fixed frame.


Project assignment

Research the work environment of a certain occupation and translate this research into a visualization.


Product information
scale: 1:15
materials: cardboard, paper, textile
extra: selected by Ilse Crawford from Studio Ilse for the accreditation exhibition of the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2012



Nina Mathia Simons