A series of material libraries and models of three personalities I interviewed.


1. Fragile Order Material library. Order has its weaknesses. By trying to control everything you can easily lose control.

2. Vulnerable Inaccessibility Model translation of Fragile Order. The letter with personal information is hard to
reach, because of the height of the legs of the frame it hangs in. But the legs are very fragile, therefore the inaccessibility is vulnerable.



3. Enclosed Loneliness Material library for a man I interviewed. He was very kept to himself, and did not let anyone enter his house. He told me that he was afraid people would judge the fact that it was cluttered. He owned a bookstore and he was sitting there in the dark, with just one light on, when I interviewed him.

4. Cocoon Jewel Model translation of an interview I had with a woman. She was afraid to leave the house, and kept everything precious to her inside, guarded by her dog, who functioned as a sort of cocoon to all these treasures.

Project assignment

Interview three people. Make a material library that fits their personality. Translate one or more personalities into a model.


Product information

Materials picture 1: balsawood, paint, thread and a collection of other materials
Materials picture 2: balsawood, paint, paper
Materials picture 3: wool, wooden box, lens, LED lights and a collection of other materials
Materials picture 4: ceramics, ceramic paint, copper wire



Nina Mathia Simons