I think people’s peculiarities say a lot about who they are and what they want. That is why I chose to make a portrait of my client’s peculiarities. This portrait consists of little boxes that each contain one of her peculiarities. In the lid of the box you can read one sentence that describes the content of the box. I chose to let this assignment be part of the client research I did for Ambiguous Kitchen Utensils (see sidebar). Besides using regular research methods, my goal was to see if I could find different ways to figure out what it was my client wanted.

For instance, my client… Is afraid she will cut the leek from the wrong side. This tells me something about her fear of cooking. Or, my client…Rubs this clothes label between her fingers when she sleeps. This tells me something about the tactility she likes. A smooth surface seems to be what she is attracted to. I choose to make her Ambiguous Kitchen Utensils (see sidebar). These utensils contain a hidden recipe, of which only she knows how to “read” it. By giving her a specialty I wanted to give her more cooking confidence.



Project assignment

Make a multisensory space.


Product information

Size: sizes boxes vary from 40 x 40 mm to 100 x 50 mm
Materials: cardboard, paper, textile
Senses: boxes contain image, sound, sent, tactility.
Extra: this client research lead to the design of Ambiguous Kitchen Utensils



Nina Mathia Simons