Private/Public House is a design proposal for a new way of living. Each room of the house is a separate building. Moving from one room to another, you pass through outside space where you encounter nature, weather, city life and people. I researched into several studies about what it is that makes people happy. The conclusion of this research was that the main thing was social behavior. But since we do not have to go out for water anymore, like in the old days, and since we can order everything we need online, our houses have become more and more closed off. Private/Public House is an attempt to stimulate more open and social behavior.

The main difference with the original (read: assignment) is that this version is modified to be able to have a similar experience on a smaller plot. So also suited for the city center, not only for the suburbs. By placing the building in a different environment, where it is more crowded, the amount of encounters with others is enhanced, and will therefore hopefully also stimulate more social behavior. Pictures:


1. Private/Public House + surroundings
2. Enlarged and more detailed mock-up

3. Detail of mock-up original

4. Mock-up original




Project assignment

Find a building that you like and use it as an inspiration, but modify it as if you were working together with the
architects, so do not deviate from the original too much.


Product information
Inspired by: Moriyama House by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA
Scale (picture 1,2,4): 1:70
Scale (picture 2): 1:20
Materials: cardboard, iron wire, tape, paint, treated moss, balsawood



Nina Mathia Simons