A series of imaginary products to make the teachers in this office feel better.
1. The Rewarding Clock You can set this clock by an amount of tasks, instead of time. Each time you finish a task, you press the bottom. After a certain number of tasks
the bell rings and one of the doors opens, exposing a snack or lunch. Your break is a moment you deserve, a reward for your hard work.
2. The Scale of Compliments Each teachers picture is put on the scale for one week. This entire week people can leave a note with a compliment for you. At the end of the
week you receive a book full of kindness.
3. The Business Brooch Each time you are working you can show by a colour code that you do not want to be the disturbed. This way you can be there for people when you can,
but also have a moment to yourself.


Product information
Project assignment: see Office Overreactions
Product: 3D illustration
Materials: paper, balsawood, watch parts



Nina Mathia Simons