Remember that as a kid, when it was raining, you would open your mouth up to the sky to taste the rain on your tongue? Wouldn’t it be great if we could really drink like this, in places where we have no access to tap water, like in parks or forests? The Rain Drinker can be hung from a tree. It catches rain and visibly purifies it, so that it is drinkable. Instead of having a constant flow of large amounts of water like in the drinking fountains we now know, the Rain Drinker pours a trickle of water, only when you make it tilt with one finger. After you release it again, the fountain tilts back into balance, making the water flow stop. In the Netherlands it will catch on average two decilitres of rain a day. If there is so much water falling from the sky, why not enjoy it?
















Project assignment

Developing a product within the theme of public water in collaboration with glassblowers in the Dutch city of Leerdam.


Product information
Scale: 1:1
Materials: glass, oak, brass, plexiglass
Materials purification system: gravel, sand, active charcoal, filter paper
Glassblowers: Emil Kovaç, David Beliën


Nina Mathia Simons